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The workshops do not appear in the order they will be performed at the summit.




Primal Body Breathwork

This workshop explores various breathing patterns, synchronizes breath with movement and are using voice to amplify inner experiences. 

Participants will learn how to shift states of mind and consciously activate deeper processes within through synchronized breathing, breath holding  and somatic movement. The workshop will use the body to enhance breathing patterns and attendees will also explore how to use voice and sound to enhance and release inner expressions, consciously addressing inner work when necessary. We establish a safe ceremonial space to guide an inner journey, enhancing emotional and physical experiences for a deeper connection to the subconscious through guidance and music.




Healing Life Traumas

This experience provides an ultimate opportunity for deep personal healing in a safe and respectful environment. You are invited to tear away the masks and labels you wear because being your authentic self is the avenue to healing the pain of the stories that have imprisoned you. You will be deeply touched by others who, just like you, have experienced life at its most difficult, have been tossed aside, hurt, abused, discriminated against and bullied.

With silence and your powerful presence, you can embrace that it is okay to just be you – to be real – to be vulnerable – and to tell your truth. You can learn how to love others in a genuine way that says, “I’ve got your back” and you can open the door to possibility and large-scale change that begins on this individual level of awareness.  

Self-Worthiness Breathwork

The Self-Worthiness Breathwork Workshop will be a process to create a ceremony towards the relationship you have towards yourself. The relationship you have towards yourself sets the standards you have with others. In this workshop you will have a chance to upgrade the way you relate and use the Breathwork to embody the work that we do to make this happen. 

Neurotransformative Breathwork (NTB)

NTB is the combined science between ancient breathing practices, body de-armouring, trauma release tools, bio-hacking and breath retention. Ultimately, you liberate your body and mind from trauma, physical blockages, and toxins.

Melting into the essence of you

An opportunity to experience the different layers we have and carry with us through life, how they feel and what impact they have on us. To be more consious about what is real and not real. What is left when we take a step away from what’s going on and just observe and breathe.

Soul Body Breath

An easy technique to reconnect contact between body and soul. It is so simple that all you need is a sincere will and intention to open up this contact.

We all have a grand soul, not always integrated in the body. Through life we face experiences that may cause a separation between body and soul. Separation makes it difficult to live in harmony and makes it harder to achieve our goals.We need to live with a connection between body and soul enable to claim our power and presence to give us joy and to live as the amazing beings we are.

Psychodynamic Breathwork


Man became a human when he consciously began reflecting on his own thought and reality. Then man also became aware of his death and started longing to transcend our mortal reality and to become more than instincts and imprints.

The longing for ecstasy, the possibility of a greater connection and perspective on life than was possible before. Man became increasingly aware of his inner life and of Life itself. Man saw Breath coming in at birth and going out at he end of life. 

So man begun to breathe with intention and experienced Breath expanding Life itself in himself.

And Breath became a source of ecstasy and the means of expanding awareness.

Psychodynamic Breathwork opens our awareness and offer a wider perspective of ourselves and the world. Life energy can become the medicine that transmute emotions and broadens the mind. Just like primordial times. 

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