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Summit Fee 2024

The fee for participating in Breathwork Summit is:

A) For the full week, Monday evening til Sunday  - 8 800 SEK (Conf.fee 4 200, board&lodging 4 600)


Possible options, contact us for more information.

B) Half week, Monday evening till Thursday lunch - 4 800 SEK (Conf fee 2 500, b & l 2 300)

C) Half week, Thursday afternoon till Sunday - 4 800 SEK. (Conf fee 2 500, b & l 2 300)

Early bird - Sign up before 31 of January and pay

8 300 SEK (Full week)

4 500 SEK (Half week)

The price includes the Summit fee and board & lodging in dorm, 4-6 beds.    

If you want a single or double room, there is an additional cost, see below.

Extra cost for single and double room

Single bed                     1800 SEK 

Bed in double room           900 SEK

1 € is about 11,5  Swedish crowns. For up to date currency rate, please visit

How to register

Register here

Cancellation policy

In case of a cancelled event, participants will get a full reimbursement of the​ course fee.

Participants who make cancellations at the latest 1 of April will receive reimbursement of the fee minus 800 SEK in administrative fee. 

Participants who make cancellations at the latest 15 of April will receive reimbursement of the fee minus 2 000 SEK in administrative fee.

From 16 of April we have no possibility for reimbursements.


By booking your ticket to Scandinavian Breathwork Summit you accept our cancellation policy. 


Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence by handling your personal information with respect and putting you in control. It’s important that you know what personal information Scandinavian Breathwork HB (SB) collects about you, and how we use it. If we ever make any major changes to our privacy practices, we’ll let you know. If necessary, we’ll also ask for your permission. The SB takes the privacy and security of its customers personal data very seriously and subscribes the following statement:

  1. SB collects and stores personal information from its customers to administrate personal information when planning and executing Scandinavian Breathwork Summit and other SB events, such as newsletter, information and advertising.

  2. The SB database includes full name, email address, postal address, nationality and phone number as well as point of contact in case of emergency so we can communicate according to our customers explicit preferences. It also records a tax ID and bank details when needed, so that invoices and receipts of transactions can be sent.

  3. Participants signs a liability disclaimer at our events. This information will be kept for one year after the event. 

  4. Participants will answer questions about their background including health history due to participating an event. This information will also be kept for one year after the event. 

  5. The SB does not pass personal data on to any other companies, organization or third part.

  6. Being a client of SB, you have read and understood the GDPR Policy.

  7. If you want to cancel your consent, you can always contact us by email if you want us to erase all your data from our database.




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