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"Osho Pulsation Breath" 

 An experimental workshop with Madhu Krikun 


Osho Pulsation Breath is a method of self-exploration

and personal transformation which works through the

body and the life energy system, to re-claim our natural

aliveness and expressiveness.

Osho Pulsation Breath uses the strong energy of intensive breathing to relax tensions and blocks in our bodies, which stops us from feeling positive emotions like trust, love, happiness, and pleasure. As the energy begins to flow freely and naturally throughout the whole body, participants can experience a state of tremendous aliveness, together with feelings of relaxation and well-being.


"Breath, Life and the change of awareness" 

An experimental workshop with Bo Wahlström

“Man became a human when he consciously began

reflecting on his own thoughts and reality. Then man also

became aware of his death and was longing to consciously

transcend the mortal reality and become more than instincts

and imprints. Man was longing for ecstasy, for the possibility to go for a greater connection and perspective on life than was possible before. Man became increasingly aware of his inner life and Life itself. Man saw Breath coming in at birth and going out at the end of life. So, man began to breathe with intention and experienced Breath expanding Life itself. And Breath became a source of ecstasy and the means of changing awareness.”

Psychodynamic Breathwork can open our awareness and offer a wider perspective of ourselves and the world? Life energy can be a medicine, transmuting emotions and broadening the mind.



Evening lectures:

" An expanded map of consciousness "

Bo Wahlström

Research and therapeutic experience from the last four decades of psychodynamic breathwork, has led to a deep need for an expanded understanding of consciousness. We need to enlarge the map of the human psyche so that it can include prenatal and perinatal experiences as well as mystical and spiritual experiences. An expanded map of consciousness invites human beings into a larger and broader understanding of our relationship to nature and humanity at large. This can become a fertile ground for more peaceful solutions of our present problems in the world.

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