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Clear Water Lake

Scandinavian Breathwork Summit

Scandinavian Breathwork Summit is a place and time where you can go deeper within yourself as well as strengthening connections to those who are thriving for more of inner wisdom and ways to express it into the world. We are many who are continuously exploring the power of breath and its creative connection to other methods of healing.​

Scandinavian Breathwork Summit is an opportunity for all with an interest and curiosity in healing and growth. A place to relax and get inspiration in a fantastic environment by the sea.

​This week you will meet several teachers within the field of Breathwork as well as laymen on the path. We are looking forward to encounters with beginners, Breathwork practitioners and professionals alike. All who want to explore what the power of breath can do for us individually as well as for the human collective.​

By practicing different breathing techniques, you get broader spectrum of what has been explored historically and contemporary. Breathwork has the power to give quick access to inner awareness, thus transcending psychological limitations as well as enhancing your physical strength.

In the program you will see conscious connected breathing, pulsation breath, coherent breath, warmwater breathing, Wim Hof-breathing method, Holotropic breathing, meditation, lectures, yoga and more. Keep an eye on this site to see the program develop more and more.

Your breath can connect you to spirit and also become a valuable compass when orienting yourself in times of rapid and radical changes.

Please feel welcome to many beautiful meetings with people from all over, explore several breathwork techniques and get exposed to new horizons of perspective and possibilities. A most inspiring week. Prepare yourself for transformation in the beautiful nature of Vikbolandet, south of Stockholm. 

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