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Presentation of the Teachers

The list will be completed gradually

KristaGilda Kerner, Austria

KristaGilda has been guiding people in individual work and groups with integrative breathwork and shamanic methods for 20 years. For her, the power of the breath and the connection to nature are the most important resources for a happy, healthy and empowering life.

KristaGilda is a GPBA certified Trainer for Integrative Somatic Breath- and Bodywork, Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, Shaman and elder in European Three-Forces-Shamanism and Co-Founder of the Wheel-of-Life-school for personal development and self-leadership.

Griet Verstraete, Belgium/Austria

Griet is a GPBA certified Trainer for Integrative Somatic Breath- and Bodywork, Certified Open Floor Movement teacher and Therapy-in-Motion practitioner. Certified in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy and Somatic Attachment Therapy. Co-founder of the "Wheel of life" school for personal development and self-leadership.
Board member of the IBF (International Breathwork Foundation) and Working member of Open Floor International, in the Therapy in Motion circle.

Griet facilitates workshops and individual sessions, combining the power of conscious connected breathwork, embodied movement and somatic practices.

Bo Wahlström, Sweden
Bo is co-creator of the first Breathwork training in Sweden1986 and one of the founders of the International Breathwork Foundation. With a background as an engeneer and corporate consultant he is currently working as a course leader, lecturer, tour guide in Himalaya. He has been teaching Breathwork in Sweden since early 80-ies and works as guest teacher all over Europe.

Madhu Krikun, Russia

After long time employment in large international companies, living and working in Russia, UK, Spain and Sweden, Madhus went to acquire other qualifications. She is a trained Relaxation and Stress pedagogue, Hypnotherapist, Certified facilitator in Meditative therapies, and offers Energy Tao massage. Her vision is to help people improve quality of their lives by working with the wholeness of the body, conscious as well as subconscious mind, and soul.

John Stamoulos, Australia

Marika workshop.jpg

Marika Grankvist, Sweden

Marika is a certified Conscious Connected Breathwork Practitioner, Hatha Yoga teacher, Soul Body Practitioner, and certified coach. For more than twenty years Marika has inquired into the benefits and transformational powers of Yoga and Breathwork. In her work with individual clients and groups, she combines these techniques to support clients to find inner peace and wellbeing. Her passion for Breathwork comes from a life-long interest in movement and self-discovery.

Sofia Sjöblom, Sweden

As a personal trainer in Inner leadership, Sofia loves see people grow and get contact with their inner wisdom. Conscious connected Breathwork, Laughter coaching, The Work and other methods helped her on her way to personal freedom and is now her source for the support of others who is longing to reach their full potential. Sofia is one of the teachers in Inspiraktiva Breathwork Training in Sweden and is guest teacher in the Polish school. She works with individuals and groups as Life coach, Breath worker, Laughter coach and Body Love Yoga teacher.

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