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Getting there


Car from Stockholm (150 km):
Take E4 south approx 100 km to Nyköpingsbro (a roadside tavern across E4)
Continue 10 km to exit Arkösund and a sign for ferry.  

Follow the ferry signs toward Arlösund, approx 20 km.

The ferry goes 05 and 35 minutes after every whole hour
At the other side drive 6 km to the bigger road, nr 209.

Take right, towards Norrköping. After 4 km turn right, at sign to "Järstad 8" 

*) Drive towards Järstad, through an alley and a homestead with white houses. 

After a new sign "Järstad", at the t-cross, take left at sign "Skeppsudden 800 m".

After 800 m turn right at the sign Skeppsudden. Further 150 m is a parking lot. Put the car there and take the luggage to the main building, the big yellow house

Car from Norrköping 

Follow the signs towards the airport. Pass the airport and you are on road nr 209 towards Arkösund.

15 km from the airport, turs left at the sign "Järstad 8".

Continue from *) above

Bus from Norrköping

Bus nr 440 towards Arkösund departs from the bus terminal beside the train station. Time schedule here

Disembark at stop "Östra Stenby Vägkors".

Contact Skeppsudden if you want to be picked up at the bus stop.

Fly to Skavsta airport

Airport buses from Skavsta to Norrköping, timetable here.

See above to take a bus to Skeppsudden or you want to be picked up at the bus stop.

Fly to Arlanda airport

Arlanda express, train from Arlanda to Stockholm C, timetable here

Airport buses from Arlanda to Stockholm C, timetable here

From Stockholm you can take a train to Norrköping, and then bus, see above.

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