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Scandinavian Breathwork Summit

19 - 25 May 2022

Scandinavian Breathwork Summit - a place and time where you can go deeper within yourself, explore more of your inner wisdom, relax and enjoy good company as well as good cuisine.

Our vision is to create a summit meeting for networking and connecting with people and organisations who take an interest and have a curiosity for human growth and the potential of Breathwork.

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Scandinavian Breathwork Summit

Scandinavian Breathwork Summit is a place and time where you can go deeper within yourself as well as strengthening connections to people and organizations on the path. With all who are thriving for more of inner wisdom and ways to express it into the world. We are many who are continuously exploring the power of breath and its creative connection to other methods of healing.

Scandinavian Breathwork Summit is a meeting point for networking, connecting people and organizations with an interest and curiosity for healing and growth. A place to relax and get inspiration in a fantastic environment by the sea to enjoy in a great company.

This week we invite you to meet several teachers within the field of Breathwork as well as laymen. We are looking forward to meeting with beginners, Breathwork practitioners and professionals alike. All who want to explore what the power of breath can do for us individually as well as for the human collective.


By practicing different breathing techniques, you may explore your body and soul and their connection, giving you an opportunity to raise your life energy and widen your consciousness.

What a day at Scandinavian Breathwork Summit may look like:


  • Physical activity (yoga, morning swim, etc)

  • Breakfast

  • Morning assembly

  • Workshops

  • Lunch

  • Workshops

  • Dinner

  • Evening activities, lectures, round table presentations, celebrations


Please feel welcome to a week fwith manny many beautiful encounters with people from all over, explore several breathwork techniques and get exposed to new horizons of perspective and possibilities. A most inspiring week in the beautiful nature at Vikbolandet, close to Stockholm. 

About Skeppsudden

The venue for our summit is located 150 km south of Stockholm right by the Baltic Sea at Bråviken.


The homestead is an old farm dated back to the 18th century. It is a little Swedish paradise and offers forests, meadows, cliffs and beaches. Together with the apple and cherry valley, this place offers a lovely scenery for contemplation, peace, growth and joy.


The venue itself contains a beautiful assembly room were the workshop activities are taking place.


Right by the sea it is possible to have a sauna experience.


The venue offers different options of accommodations such as single or double rooms as well as dormitories. The food is homemade and vegetarian. Read more at

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Bo Wahlström began his longstanding career as Breathworker with a six-month training program in California in 1979. Since then, he has co-founded two successful breathwork training programs in Sweden and has trained more than a thousand Breathworkers. Since beginning of 90-ies he worked extensively as guest teacher and lecturer in several trainings in Europe and world-wide. As a consultant and group leader Bo initiated many projects and co-organized the first GIC Conference in 1994 and became one of the founders of the International Breathwork Foundation.

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Marika Grankvist is a certified Breathwork Practitioner, Yoga teacher and coach. For more than twenty years, she has explored the transformational powers and benefits of Yoga and Breathwork. In working with individual clients and groups, she combines Breathwork and Yoga with Coaching in supporting clients towards inner peace and well-being.

Marika’s passion for Breathwork emerges from a life-long interest in movement and self-discovery. She also draws on a successful career in event planning and management.

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Igor Dzeba is a sound master, body worker, certified Breathworker, coach and facilitator of personal transformation. Many years of dedicated spiritual search led him to create his personal program for human development - Life Path Integration. He has a substantial career as a professional project management, with a Master’s degree in management of technology and business administration. Igor offers leadership, coaching, breathwork sessions, various meditations and movement sessions for individuals and groups, and also offers workshops for youth.

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Sofia Sjöblom is a certified Breathworker, Free Dance facilitator, laughter coach and trained in the method The Work.

She has over 25 years’ experience in personal development and combines breathwork, movement, sound, and expressionism in her work with individual clients and groups.

Sofia is teacher in the Swedish Breathwork training and a guest teacher in Poland. Her inspiration comes primarily from nature where she finds stillness, natural, beauty and simply being.

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